The Talk Foundation

The Talk Foundation gives children and teenagers with chronic, serious, and life-threatening illnesses the opportunity to express themselves through sound. Each patient's words, songs, laughs, cries, and other audible forms of expression are recorded and mixed live by professional record producers and are provided to the patients and their families on a CD. These recording sessions are conducted in accordance with procedures developed in consultation with leading child psychiatrists. The volunteer producers (and the actors, athletes, and other volunteers who sometimes assist them) approach this task with both love and humility. They recognize that each of these recordings is more precious than even the biggest hit song, and they accept the challenge of making sure that each CD tells the patient's own story.

The TALK Foundation is the creation of film composer, songwriter, and record producer Megan Cavallari. Her passion for sound and her love of children and teenagers inspire the work of the TALK Foundation and the volunteers who strive to accomplish its mission. (501)c